Trusted Shoe Customizing YouTube Channels and Websites

Below are the trusted YouTube Channels and Websites that you should visit to gain some knowledge and find projects to work on.  A general YouTube or Google search won’t get you good results because there are too many crafters out there that don’t know the proper materials and techniques.  Please comment below if you would like to add a channel or website to this list.  Videos must have instructions (not just a time lapse) and the better detail on how to do something, the higher they will be on this list.

YouTube Channels

  1. Angelus Shoe Polish. Angelus will never steer you wrong.  Great production value, shoe artists, and topics make this the first place to visit for some knowledge.  Visit the Angleus website for the best paint in the business.
  2. Sophiesophss. Soph squad!  Again, great production value and useful tips and projects.  She spends a lot of time testing new techniques to see what works and what doesn’t.  End result: sneaker customizing game leveled up!  She also mixes in some vlog and “trips to the thrift” material to keep things interesting.  Visit Shop Vntge for the best in stencils and other products.
  3. Feelgood Threads. Suheel is another Customizer that explains things really well and does a lot of testing before putting out a video.  Check out his website for custom shoes, fashion, stencils, and more.  Add him on Facebook for sneaker pre-sale orders, customs requests, and new release notifications.
  4. Dejesus Customs. Dillon and James will teach you how to customize but they also put out videos for other aspects such as using Photoshop to mock up a shoe, sneaker photography, and customs of the week (#customsoftheweek).  Super legit production value in each video.  Visit Dejesus Custom Footwear for custom shoes, cleaner packs, and more content.
  5. SneakerKraft. Great project ideas and she is very specific about where to buy things and what works and doesn’t work.
  6. King of Sneakers. They also sell a lot of sneaker customizing essentials on their webpage and have videos to go along with their products.
  7. Customizer Depot. These guys definitely know what they’re doing (and have fun doing it)!  Visit their webpage for custom everything – sneakers, accessories, clothing, jewelry, etc.  Their IG is also a great place to see an assortment of customs made by other artists.
  8. Kickstradomis. Drops knowledge and shows how he does some of the customs he makes for athletes like Karl Anthony-Towns, James Harden, Josh Hart, Baron Davis, and Alec Ogletree.
  9. Reshoevn8r. Vick Almighty is a skilled Customizer that will walk you through not just using Reshoevn8r’s cleaning products, but also laying down some cool designs and restorations. Go to Reshoevn8r’s website for cleaning products and videos.
  10. Sierato. It’s always amazing to see Sierato at work.  He walks you through how he plans out his artwork and uses a unique print-and-cut-out stencils method for placing his hand-drawn art on the backdrop.
  11. InYOface TV. He will walk you through everything and even has live (3+ hrs long) videos where you can join and ask questions.
  12. SneakerHeadInTheBay. Alex is primarily a sneaker head with the latest drops in his videos but he also does some clean customs, sole swaps, and cleaning posts with the right way to do things.  Visit Insoled for an array of shoe, fashion, and lifestyle products.
  13. Davidgotkicks. Not listing David and Alex back-to-back just wouldn’t be right since you’ll often see one or the other in each other’s videos.  Tiffany Tuesday is always fun to watch and his great personality landed him on some E-Bay commercials (2018).  Stuff of his is also on Insoled.
  14. Kendras Customs. Some great tips and tricks in her videos.  Webpage with custom products: sneaker, women’s shoes, and purses!


  1. Custom Sneakers/ Art Showcase Facebook group. 13k community where you can post your customs and ask questions.
  2. Just1 Shoes.  We do our best to be immersed in customizing every day and spread the knowledge to those willing to put in the work.  We have shoe customizing standards, how-to, and product reviews sections.
  3. Their faq section will get you started, video section will instruct you further, and sponsored artists page will setup your initial IG follows.
  4. King of Sneakers. Honestly, not a pretty site, but the assistance in buying products is there if you look for it.  How to’s, videos, and product descriptions when you click on products are on-point!  They also carry multiple brands so you can do some great shopping comparisons there.  Only downside is it takes a while for them to send your order (4-5 days just for processing).
  5. Mache gives the basics on 10 steps to customizing leather shoes.

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