The Functional Box

Our patent-pending box is made to serve multiple functions during the shoe modding process.  It is a carrying case, a workspace, and a shoe box all-in-one!

Carrying Case

When closed, the box is a carrying case with handles on each side of the base for easy transport.

Two Section Separator


The box then folds out to have two separate sections.  One side has all of the materials and the other side has the shoes.  The box is designed to pack away quickly - just throw everything in when you need to put your project away!  Materials on one side won't mess up the paint on your shoes and the divider (not yet shown) between shoes keeps them from spreading paint onto each other.



The materials-side can used as a workspace.  Simply unfold and use 6 pieces of tape to cover the gaps. Saving on paper towels and other disposables is good for the environment and your pocketbook!

Shoe Box









When your project is done, the shoe-side of the box can be detached and used as a normal shoe box - ready to be labeled and put away for storage!