Quality Products

We spent months meticulously researching, buying, and testing products to find the very best quality and bang-for-your-buck!

The Just1 Shoe

The Just1 Shoe is the highest quality white canvas slip on shoe we could find anywhere.  The high quality canvas is ideal for painting.  Padded ankles and thick bottom soles will keep your feet happy all day.  The stiff heel will give you the support you need while on the go (unlike generic shoe brands).  And, the style stripe will keep your designs looking awesome!

Below is a price, quality, and features comparison chart for other major brands.

Professional Paint Brush Set

Our professional level brush set comes with 10 sizes to meet any task!  Built with high quality nylon hair and a shiny varnished blue handle, these brushes will endure multiple projects with proper cleaning and care.  Just clean with hot water and soap - making sure to not let them dry out with paint or product on them.

Paint, Primer, and Finisher

Our primer (gesso), finisher, and paint set are all non-toxic and are tested to work great with the canvas shoes and each other.  The primer will keep the paint from cracking and the finish will make your shoes water-resistant!


We put all of these quality products together so that the shoes you make will last for years!